When it comes to roofing and hiring an honest roofing contractor you want to make sure you pick someone who not only will offer you a good price but a roofing company you know, like and trust. That is why we created this page, not because we have a big ego and we think you want to know everything about us. We created this page to give you a chance to get to know us.

At TKO Roofing we believe doing the job right. We understand that when you hire a roofing contractor, you are putting a big responsibility on our shoulder. You are doing more than just hiring roofing contractors you are putting your house in the hands of strangers. On top of this fact, there is a good chance you don't know anything about roofing! So you wouldn't know if a roofing company is doing a bad job. All of these factors combined with the fact that installing a roof or replacing a roof can be an expensive proposition can lead you to be very nervous when selecting a roofing contractor. At TKO Roofing we want you to know that we understand. We know when you call us that you are looking for more than just the lowest bid. You want someone that will give you the sense of security that comes with knowing you picked the right roofing company to install your roof.

Here is our simple policy.

At TKO Roofing we have a very simple policy, It is the policy my wife, and I came up with when we decided that we would own a company together and put our names on it together. Every Single Roof That TKO Roofing does will be treated like we are putting the roof on our own home. That Way we know that every single roofing job we do will be done the right way. This policy isn't a complicated or earth shattering policy, but it works for us. It makes sure that we pay attention to the little details that a lot of roofing contractors choose to either ignore, or shrug off as "not that big of a deal."For TKO Roofing that is not an acceptable answer, Shrugging off of small but important details about your roofing project isn't treating you like a valuable customer. It's treating you like a payment.

When Monique and I formed this business, we agreed that that would not be how we did business. We wanted our company to build a reputation of treating their customers like friends and family. We know that having a company that having that kind of reputation would lead to more of our clients recommending us to their friends and family. That has been the key to our growth so far! If you need Roofing and you want a roofing contractor who will take care of your problem and who will treat you right every time then give us a call today.

What makes us different from all the other roofing companies you would choose to work with?

We are a local family, who started a local business together. That means we do more than just work with a customer on their roof and then disappear. We will see our former customers out in the community. It's important for us to have good relationships with them. There have been times when we were at a store, and one of our former happy customers come over to say hello and chat. That is the same kind of relationship we would like to have with you as our customer. These types of relationships are something we value greatly, and they would not be possible unless we provided great service to our customers. So the question you have to ask is who would you rather put a roof over your home or business? Some company that will come in and quote a price and try to blow through the work quickly and collect a check? Or would you rather have a company that values you as a person and who wants to have a relationship that lasts for years to come? The truth is the second most roofing contractors collect a final check they don't really care who you are. We know that Harrisburg is a small city and our reputation is worth its weight in gold to us. Most of our business comes to us from recommendations. If only other roofing companies saw things the same way! But for most of them, it is easier to earn a quick buck by doing the work quickly and getting on to the next job fast.

At TKO Roofing we don't do that, in fact, we never will. We will make sure you are one hundred percent satisfied with the roofing job we do for you. Now if you are looking for a roofing contractor who is all about doing the job the right way the first time and making sure our clients are taken care of. Give TKO Roofing a call today. (814) 418-1738


Being dedicated and treating your customers like family is important but just as important is having the skills and the experience to handle the different type of roofing jobs that your customers would hire you for. That is where TKO Roofing really excels, With over 15 years experience as a roofing contractor, we have experience working on all different kinds of roofs.

  • Home roof installation – this is our bread and butter, a large part of our business comes from home roof installations and home roof replacement. We understand how important your home is. Don’t trust your roof to just anyone.
  • Business roof installation - These projects are much bigger, and they require a different type of expertise, they also have to be very sturdy, industrial roofs suffer different types of structural pressures. Don't trust your industrial roof replacement or installation to just anyone.
  • Special roofing jobs – if you have a roofing job that doesn’t fit into one of the two categories above.

Give TKO Roof a call today we will provide you will a free estimate no matter what kind of roofing job it is we will know how to handle it.

No matter what type of Roofing Job you need to be handled.

Home Roof Installation, Business Roof Installation or a Roof Replacement TKO Roof is here to help. Give us a call today. We believe in being honest in our business dealings. We believe in treating our clients as more than just our customers, we believe in treating them as part of our community.

If you would like to work with a roofing contractor who will treat you like more than just another job, if you would like to work with a roofing contractor that not only believes in doing the job right but also has the experience to make sure that the job is done right then give us a call today. (814) 418-1738

At TKO roof we offer a free no obligation quote, We don't believe in padding our bills or high-pressure sales tactics. We just want to make sure that your you are happy with our service and that we have not only a happy customer but someone that will recommend our services to their friend and family. How do we do this? By doing your roofing job the right way and making sure your 100% satisfied with our work. roof cleaning is important for roof safety.

If you want a roofing contractor that will do the job right, that won't try to overcharge you and who is a part of this community not just some fly by night operation.